What is eat241.com?
Eat241.com is a premier digital marketing site for restaurants and the nation's largest provider of dining deals. The company helps thousands of restaurants nationwide fill table every day, providing a steady, sustainable stream of customers over an extended period of time through the dining coupon program. Eat241.com is the restaurant's partner in profit, and the diner's source for the best deal, every meal. The company has operated in Delray Beach, FL, since 2014.
What is the process for signing up, and how long does it take to get set up?

Restaurants interested in joining eat241.com should fill out the contact form located here and one of our representatives will reach out to assist you with the sign-up process and acquire details for your custom website. Or you can manually set up your account by clicking “HERE”. Once we've received your restaurant information and confirmed your accounts information, your website will be live on eat241.com within three business days!

Can I sign up online?
There are two ways in which you may sign up online as a business. Being referred from a customer to claim your site, is one way. (go online and register your restaurant code) If your restaurant is already listed you may claim your restaurant and update any information necessary. If you do not see your restaurant listed please click “here” to add your business to our directory.
What is the length of my commitment?
There is no time requirement when Restaurant Partners join our program. Our relationship with restaurants is a partnership, and we will work with you to resolve issues and ensure your continued success on the program. If at any time you wish to cancel, you may do so.
How are the promotions offered for my restaurant determined?
Eat241.com works with you to select the coupon denominations that are right for your restaurant. Our representatives will take into account your menu prices and goals and work with you to determine which coupon deals will provide the best results.
How are you different from Groupon or Living Social?
Eat241.com is focused solely on restaurants. Unlike other deal sites that work with a variety of businesses, we have been dedicated to restaurant marketing for nearly 10 years. Another big difference is that, unlike those programs, Eat241.com is an ongoing and sustainable marketing program. You don't just do an initial one-time marketing blast, and then disappear when the program is over. Our coupon sales are always available and ready to run for 24hrsper campaign.
What if I've tried other programs just like yours and they didn't work for me?
The Eat241.com program is not like other marketing programs or daily deals. Eat241.com is free to join and provides a steady, sustainable stream of customers - not the short-term rush that comes with daily deals - because our coupons are always available and can be rerun every 24hrs. We are your partner in profit and protect your margins.
What if I am already using a program like Open Table®, Dining Guide®, or Southwest Florida Dines®?
We have many Restaurant Partners that use more than one program. They help fill a portion of your tables, and we want to help you fill even more.
What if I already have my own website?
That's great - you're already on the way to a successful digital marketing program! Eat241.com will place a direct link from the custom site that we develop for you to your existing website, which will drive additional traffic to the site and more diners to your restaurant.
Shouldn't I wait until I see how my traditional print advertising is going to work first?
Using multiple avenues to enhance your business is a great tactic, but our system is unique in that the results can be directly measured. When we send you a customer, you will know that our system is working, whereas the results of print advertising can be difficult to gauge. Print advertising is expensive and requires upfront costs to your restaurant, and Eat241.com is free to join and provides results you can see and track.
How do I reach Eat241.com if I have a question?
We have a dedicated team of support staff standing by to assist you. Partner Support can be reached at xxx-xxx-xxxx Monday - Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Eastern Time.